Adding a Check_MK Agent in Windows Host

Now we will add a Windows host machine to Check_mk, to do this download agent setup from omd server or check_MK server


This article will help you to install check_mk agent in Windows Host.

Step 1: Download Check_MK Monitoring Tool Agent

We need to download the check_mk agent from the check_mk server. Use the mention URL to download the check_mk agent for Windows.

Step 2: Install Check_MK Agent

Install the check_mk agent doing double click on the setup. Click on Run to continue.

The Setup wizard will install Check MK Agent 1.6 on your computer. Click Next to continue.

Please read the following license and accept it. Click Next to continue.

Click Next to install Check MK to the default folder or If you want you can change the install folder and then click Next.

Check MK agent is ready to install. Click Install to continue.

Click Yes to continue.

Installation has been started.

Click Finish to complete the installation.

Now you have successfully installed the check_mk agent.

Enjoy it!

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