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9 Apr 2019

Linux System Admin Interview Questions & Answers

In this article, we are going to discuss some Linux system admin interview questions with the answers for experienced professionals. Below mentioned questions may help you to clear Linux interviews. See Also: LVM- LINUX INTERVIEW QUESTIONS SSH
14 Feb 2017

LVM- Linux Interview Questions

This article is all about Linux interview questions.In this article i have mentioned only LVM related interviews questions.It will be helpful for all those students who wants to start their career in Linux Field as a Linux
13 Feb 2017

SSH Interview Questions and Answers

SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol used to access a remote machine in order to execute command-line network services and other commands over a Network. It’s an important part in a Linux based technical interview. Ques
20 Feb 2016

Apache Solr Interview Questions

1. What is Apache Solr? Ans: Solr is the well known, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Its significant elements incorporate intense full-content search, hit highlighting, faceted search, dynamic clustering, database
21 Sep 2015

Linux Basic Questions

This set of Linux / Unix multiple choice questions and Answers focuses on various Linux commands and their command line options & parameters. It will be useful for anyone learning Linux Basics, Essentials and/or Fundamentals. 1. The
20 Jul 2015

AWS Interview Questions

This page contains the collection of AWS Interview Questions and Answers / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) under category AWS. These questions are collected from various resources like informative websites, forums, blogs, discussion boards including Wikipedia. These listed
19 Jul 2015

MySQL Interview Questions

Last few days I have been working to compile a question and answer set for MySQL interview questions. These questions and answers are compiled from different online resources. 1) What is the difference between Primary Key and
17 Jul 2015

Apache Interview Questions

In this section, I have chosen Basic and Important Apache interview questions and answers for all levels of candidates(Fresher level, experienced level).Last couple of months I have been attempting to choose best question and answer set for
5 Jul 2015

Some more oDesk Linux Question

1) What does the du command do? a. If shows disk usage b. It shows the details of the currently logged in user c. It shows the disk file size d. None of these Answer: a 2)
3 Jul 2015

oDesk Linux Question

1) It checks the aspell command do? a. If checks the spelling of the file b. If gives the sequence of lines c. It is used for redirection d. It edits the file Answer: a 2) Which