What are Apache Ambari and Its Benefits

Apache Ambari is an open source administration tool deploy to manage Hadoop cluster and responsible to monitor running applications and their status. In other words, Apache Ambari is an open source web-based management tool that manages, monitors and provisions the health of Hadoop clusters. It provides a highly interactive dashboard which allows the administrators to visualize the progress and status of every application running over the Hadoop cluster. Its flexible and scalable user-interface permits a scope of tools, for example, Yarn, Hive, etc, to be installed on the cluster and administers their performances in an easy to use.

Apache Ambari

These are the 4 core applications in Apache Ambari as below:

  • Ambari server
  • The Ambari agent
  • Ambari web UI
  • Database

Apache Ambari provides multiple database like.

  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL or MariaDB
  • Embedded PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL Anywhere
  • Berkeley DB

Features of Apache Ambari:

  • Apache Ambari supports multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, and many others as it supports any hardware and software systems.
  • Any specific tools and technologies should be epitomized by pluggable components.
  • Ambari itself keeps up versions and subsequently, there is no need for external tools.
  • We can expand the functionality of existing Ambari applications by including different view components.
  • The Ambari application comes with robust security and it can sync with LDAP over the active directory.
  • While working on Ambari application and suddenly something wrong happens. Then the system should gracefully recover from it.

Benefits of using Apache Ambari:
It gives various advantages like:

  • Installation, configuration, and management is way simplified
  • Centralized security and application
  • Complete visibility to cluster health
  • Metrics visualization and dashboarding
  • Extensibility and customization
  • Open-source
  • Extensible

To know more about Apache Ambari visit the website

Enjoy it!

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