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13 Apr 2015

Upgrade Ghostscript 9.16 on CentOS/RHEL

Ghostscript is the ability to convert PostScript language to PDF and vice versa. Ghostscript converts files with some limitations. This tutorial will help you to upgrade Ghostscript. Step 1: Download Ghostscript and extract tar file: # cd
12 Apr 2015

Install OpenOffice 4.1.1 on CentOS/RHEL

OpenOffice is the open-source office software for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. Follow below steps to Install Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1 on CentOS/RHEL Server System Requirements: Linux kernel version 2.6 or higher, glibc2 version 2.5
12 Apr 2015

Install Java 8 on CentOS/RHEL 6/5

Follow bellow steps to install JAVA 8 on CentOS/RHEL. Step 1: Download Archive File Download latest version of java from its For 32 Bit – # cd /opt/ # wget --no-cookies --no-check-certificate --header "Cookie:; oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie" ""
12 Apr 2015

Install JAVA 7 on CentOS/RHEL

Use following steps to install Java. Step 1: Download Archive File Download latest version of java from its official download page. For 32 Bit – # cd /opt/ # wget --no-cookies --no-check-certificate --header "Cookie:; oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie" ""
12 Apr 2015

Configure Master and Slave database replication using mysqlnd plugin

Mysql replication is a process that allows you to maintain the multiple copy of mysql data. With the help of mysqlnd plugin we can divide the load of mysql. We can send select query to slave server
10 Apr 2015

Install Nagios 4.0.7 on CentOS/RHEL

Nagios is a monitoring tools. With Nagios we can check systems, applications and services are working properly or not. If any service or application fail, Nagios can alert by email.. Step 1: Install Required Packages and Dependencies
10 Apr 2015

SSL v3 (POODLE) Vulnerability: Apache

SSL v3 (POODLE) vulnerability allows the plaintext of secure connections to be calculated by a network attacker.This vulnerability doesn’t affect SSL Certificates. There is no need to renew, reissue, or reinstall any certificates. Apache: Follow below steps
9 Apr 2015

How to Configure NGINX in CentOS/RHEL

NGINX Plus is a high performance web server and proxy server. Nginx doesn’t relay on threads to handle requests. The Nginx also read data from disk and load it into the cache and expire it. PHP-FPM is
8 Apr 2015

Install SCREEN CONNECT on Linux

ScreenConnect is a self-hosted remote desktop software application and remote meeting capabilities. This tutorial helps you to install Screen Connect on Linux. First we need to download the screen connect using following link You have to
8 Apr 2015

Reset (Re-Sync) Mysql Master-Slave Replication

Some times we face issue in MySQL replication and slave could not sync. The cause of this issue may have lots of reason. Following Steps help you to start Re-Sync Mysql. Note:-When you Re-Sync MySQL Replication all