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1 Apr 2015

List tables which has fulltext index

If you have to get list of tables for specific database which table has FULLTEXT index use following command: # SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM information_Schema.STATISTICS WHERE table_schema = 'DATABASE_NAME' AND index_type = 'FULLTEXT' ORDER BY index_name; Example: SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM information_Schema.STATISTICS
19 Mar 2015

Convert any video using FFMPEG

Always we need something which simplify our task/job. Here I have attached code which can convert video using ffmpeg. # ffmpeg -i /path/to/inputfilename /path/to/outputfilename Example: ffmpeg -i /usr/local/public_html/abc.flv  /usr/local/public_html/abc.mp4 It will convert abc.flv file to abc.mp4 without any