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9 Apr 2015

How to Configure NGINX in CentOS/RHEL

NGINX Plus is a high performance web server and proxy server. Nginx doesn’t relay on threads to handle requests. The Nginx also read data from disk and load it into the cache and expire it. PHP-FPM is
8 Apr 2015

Install SCREEN CONNECT on Linux

ScreenConnect is a self-hosted remote desktop software application and remote meeting capabilities. This tutorial helps you to install Screen Connect on Linux. First we need to download the screen connect using following link You have to
8 Apr 2015

Reset (Re-Sync) Mysql Master-Slave Replication

Some times we face issue in MySQL replication and slave could not sync. The cause of this issue may have lots of reason. Following Steps help you to start Re-Sync Mysql. Note:-When you Re-Sync MySQL Replication all
7 Apr 2015

SSL v3 (POODLE) Vulnerability: Nginx

This vulnerability allows the plaintext of secure connections to be calculated by a network attacker. You may need to disable SSL v3 Protocol from Nginx WebServer. This vulnerability does not affect SSL Certificates. There is no need
7 Apr 2015

Install SSL on Zimbra Mail

This tutorial helps you setup SSL on Zimbra Mail. Step 1 Install SSL Packages using following command: # yum install mod_ssl openssl Step 2 First we generate csr and key file using below command: # openssl req
5 Apr 2015

How to Install Tripwire on CentOS

Tripwire is a host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS). It works by collecting details about your computer’s file-system and configuration. This software can keep track of many different file system data points in order to detect changes. Tripwire
3 Apr 2015

List all triggers and views

Here is simple query to find list of triggers on chosen database Example:  SHOW TRIGGERS; If you want like to find list of views for particular database, then here you can go with. Syntax: SHOW FULL TABLES IN
1 Apr 2015

List tables which has fulltext index

If you have to get list of tables for specific database which table has FULLTEXT index use following command: # SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM information_Schema.STATISTICS WHERE table_schema = 'DATABASE_NAME' AND index_type = 'FULLTEXT' ORDER BY index_name; Example: SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM information_Schema.STATISTICS
19 Mar 2015

Convert any video using FFMPEG

Always we need something which simplify our task/job. Here I have attached code which can convert video using ffmpeg. # ffmpeg -i /path/to/inputfilename /path/to/outputfilename Example: ffmpeg -i /usr/local/public_html/abc.flv  /usr/local/public_html/abc.mp4 It will convert abc.flv file to abc.mp4 without any