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4 Aug 2015

Ago function in PHP

We always required time ago in our website. Here we have function for the same. You can enjoy with the embed in your website. Example of Ago function in PHP as below $datetime = '2015-07-31 22:00:00'; $time
3 Jun 2015

How to handle deleted files in GIT

Git – Very useful and latest version control system. Now a days we use git for version control. Sometimes we stuck in error when we face following case 1) I have created new file and commited &
11 Apr 2015

How to setup Corporate Gmail in Android Email App without Gmail App

Here are steps which can guide to setup Google email account in Android Email App without Gmail App. Here I mentioned Google Email account which is Corporate Gmail account with corporate domain name. 1) Open Android email app
3 Apr 2015

List all triggers and views

Here is simple query to find list of triggers on chosen database Example:  SHOW TRIGGERS; If you want like to find list of views for particular database, then here you can go with. Syntax: SHOW FULL TABLES IN
1 Apr 2015

List tables which has fulltext index

If you have to get list of tables for specific database which table has FULLTEXT index use following command: # SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM information_Schema.STATISTICS WHERE table_schema = 'DATABASE_NAME' AND index_type = 'FULLTEXT' ORDER BY index_name; Example: SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM information_Schema.STATISTICS
19 Mar 2015

Convert any video using FFMPEG

Always we need something which simplify our task/job. Here I have attached code which can convert video using ffmpeg. # ffmpeg -i /path/to/inputfilename /path/to/outputfilename Example: ffmpeg -i /usr/local/public_html/abc.flv  /usr/local/public_html/abc.mp4 It will convert abc.flv file to abc.mp4 without any