How To Add and Grant Sudo Privileges to Users on Ubuntu System

“root” super user is the ruler of the users in Linux/Unix. Having root access give full and unlimited access to the Linux box. I will demonstrate to permit root access to a user in a Linux system. Regularly root level access used as a part of system administrator.
Root Privileges on Ubuntu System

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  • This tutorial will help you how to create add new user and provide grant privileges to a new user on an Ubuntu system.

    Step #1: Add New User on Ubuntu System

    First we add a new user. Run the following command to add new user:

    # adduser user_name

    Step #2: Grant Root Privileges to the User

    By default, new user will only be able to modify files in their own home directory. In order to grant specific user with the root privileges we need to add the user to the sudoers file:

    # sudo nano /etc/sudoers
    # sudo visudo

    Find the following lines:

    # User privilege specification
    root    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

    add following line for the corresponding user:

    user_name    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

    If you’ve followed the instruction above correctly, then you should now have a grant root privileges to the user.

    Enjoy it!

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