Install phpMemcachedAdmin on Linux

phpMemcachedAdmin is a web interface that permits you to screen your memcached servers with a live stats for simple debugging. It provides us with real-time stats for get, set, delete, increment, decrement, evictions, reclaimed, cas command, as well as server stats (network, items, server version) with googlecharts and server internal configuration.

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  • This article will help you to setup phpMemcachedAdmin on CentOS, RHEL and Fedora Systems.

    Step #1 Download phpMemcachedAdmin

    Download the code from as below, extract it and configure your servers. You can check the latest release of phpMemcachedAdmin.

    # mkdir -p /usr/local/apache2/phpMemcachedAdmin
    # cd /usr/local/apache2/phpMemcachedAdmin
    # wget

    After completing download extract archive using following command.

    # tar xzf phpMemcachedAdmin-1.2.2-r262.tar.gz
    # chown -R apache.apache /usr/local/apache2/phpMemcachedAdmin
    # chmod -R 755 /usr/local/apache2/phpMemcachedAdmin

    Step #2 Setup phpMemcachedAdmin

    Create a new configuration file for phpMemcachedAdmin in apache like below and add the given content below. For debian and ubuntu users create configuration file under /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ directory.

    # vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/phpMemcachedAdmin.conf
    # phpMemcachedAdmin - Web based Memcached browser written in php
    Alias /phpMemcachedAdmin /usr/local/apache2/phpMemcachedAdmin
    Alias /phpmemcachedadmin /usr/local/apache2/phpMemcachedAdmin
    <Directory /usr/local/apache2/phpMemcachedAdmin>
         Order Deny,Allow
         Deny from All
         Allow from
         Allow from
    <Directory /usr/local/apache2/phpMemcachedAdmin>
         AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/.htpasswd
         AuthName "phpMemcachedAdmin Login Area"
         AuthType Basic
         require user admin

    Step #3 Setup Basic Apache Authentication

    To create this htpasswd file, we execute the following command in a “root” shell.

    # htpasswd -cm /etc/httpd/.htpasswd admin

    Step #4 Restart Apache

    Now restart apache to reflect the changes .

    # service httpd restart

    Step #5 Access URL

    Access url like below using FQDN or IP address of server.

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    configuration file
    Enjoy it!

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