Install Wine 1.7.9 on CentOS/RHEL

Wine is an open source and free application for Linux that empowers clients to run any windows built application in light of Unix/Linux like working framework. Windows has an extensive rundown of delightful applications for clients which is not accessible for Linux clients. As we realize that Linux does not bolster windows executable so WineHQ is an answer for run windows applications and Linux frameworks.


Wine benefits

To wrap things up, Wine can give advantages over Windows at this moment:

  • Wine makes it conceivable to exploit all the Unix solid focuses (security, adaptability, remote organization) while as yet utilizing the Windows applications you rely on upon.
  • Unix has constantly made it conceivable to compose effective scripts. Wine makes it conceivable to call Windows applications from scripts that can likewise influence the Unix environment to its full degree.
  • Wine makes it conceivable to get to Windows applications remotely, regardless of the possibility that they are a couple of thousand miles away.
  • Wine makes it practical to utilize dainty customers: essentially introduce Wine on a Linux server, and voila, you can get to these Windows applications from any X terminal.
  • Wine can likewise be utilized to make existing Windows applications accessible on the Web by utilizing VNC and its Java/HTML5 customer.
  • Wine is Open Source Software, so you can stretch out it to suit your needs or have one of numerous organizations do it for you.

    Step 1: Installing Prerequisite

    Wine obliged numerous improvement bundles, So we have to introduce obliged bundles for Wine utilizing yum bundle administrator utilizing after charges.

    # yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'
    # yum install libX11-devel freetype-devel zlib-devel libxcb-devel

    Step 2: Download Wine

    Download the source document utilizing wget charge as an ordinary User. Follow below command to download wine:

    #  wget

    Step 3: Extracting Wine

    Once the file is downloaded use the below commands to extract it.

    # bunzip2 wine-1.7.9.tar.bz2
    # tar -xvf wine-1.7.9.tar

    Step 4: Installing Wine

    Configure wine beverage making use of one of next order depending on your whole body architectural mastery.

    On 32-Bit Systems
    # cd wine-1.7.9
    # ./configure
    On 64-Bit Systems
    # cd wine-1.7.9
    # ./configure --enable-win64
    # make
    # make install

    Step 5: Check Wine Version

    Use following command to check version of wine.

    On 32-Bit Systems
    # wine --version
    On 64-Bit Systems
    # wine64 –version

    Step 5: Use of Wine

    To utilize wine we have to login on GUI desktop. After that Download a windows executable (.exe) record like PuTTY on your framework and open it with Wine as underneath screenshot or utilization taking after order.

    On 32-Bit Systems
    # wine putty.exe
    On 64-Bit Systems
    # wine64 putty.exe
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