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JIRA is Atlassian’s issue and project tracking tool. Essentially: JIRA permits you to track any sort of unit of work (be it an issue, bug, story, project task, and so forth.) through a predefined work process. The basic use of this tool is to track issues, and bugs related to your software and mobile apps. It is also used for project management. The JIRA dashboard consists of many useful functions and features which make handling of issues easy. Some of the key features are listed below.


Some common use cases include software development, feature implementation, bug tracking, agile project management (with JIRA Agile), service desk ticket tracking (with JIRA Service Desk), Integration with BitBucket Or Git of our server, Confluence.

What is Jira?

  • JIRA gives you a chance to organize, allocate, track, report and review your ‘issues’, from software bugs and helpdesk tickets to project assignments and change requests.
  • More than only an issue tracker, JIRA is an extensible stage that you can customize to match your business processes.
  • JIRA improves productivity by cutting down on time wasted on tracking issues and coordination.
  • JIRA enhances quality by ensuring all tasks are recorded down with all the details and follow up till consummation.

Use of JIRA

  • Bugs/Change Requests Tracking
  • Help-desk / Support / Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Task Tracking
  • Requirements Management
  • Workflow / Process Management

JIRA Concepts – Workflow


Features of JIRA:

Issue Creation

  • Creating tasks, bug reports, feature requests, helpdesk tickets
  • No need to transcribe issues from emails to Excel worksheet anymore
  • Issue can be easily created via
    – Web: Filling the form on the Web page
    – Email: Sending an email to a preconfigured email address

  • Allows customizable items for different issues types


  • JIRA deliever constant, important data in an convenient format.
  • JIRA empowers the management to have clear visibility of the situation.


  • JIRA empowers you to get the data you require, when you require it.
  • Configurable email alarms as and when issues are upgraded .
  • Optional messages to remind on past due tasks.
  • Subscribe to week by week/month to month investigates issue status.

Powerful Search

  • Find definitely what you are searching for in seconds
  • Search can be saved as filters
  • Powerful and flexible seeking
  • Supports seeking of modified fields as well


  • Secure – JIRA gives fine-grained endeavor level security
  • Usable – Intuitive interface composed on account of both business and specialized clients
  • Track – Keep track of all activities, changes and work logged against issues
  • Administration – A low support framework with clear organization ability
  • Extensible – With more than 100 plugins contributed by the group
  • Open – An open API, full source code access take into account further combination and customization of JIRA

System Administration

Some of the helpful elements that JIRA administrator gives to users are:

  • Audit Log:
    Under Audit Log, you can see all the insights about the issue made, and the changes made in the issues.

  • Issue Linking:
    This will indicate whether your issues join with whatever other issue that is as of now present or made in the project additionally you can de-activate Issue connecting from the panel itself.

  • Mail in JIRA:
    Using Mail system in admin you can mail issues to an account on a POP or IMAP mail server or messages written to the file system generated by an external mail service.

  • Events:
    An event depicts the status, the default layout and the notification scheme and work process move post function associations for the event. The events are grouped in two a System event (JIRA defined events) and Custom event (User defined events).

  • Watch list:
    JIRA permits you to watch a specific issue, which lets you know about the notices of any update identifying with that issue. To watch an issue, tap on “watch” in the issue window, and in the event that you need to see who is watching your issues, you need to tap on the number in sections.

  • Issue Collectors:
    As JIRA issues, an issue authority permits you to gather feedback on any site. In organization on the off chance that you tap on Issue authorities a choice will open asking Add Issue Collector. When you have arranged the look and feel of an Issue Collector, install the produced JavaScript in any site for feedback.

  • Development Tools:
    You can also connect your development tools to JIRA using this admin function. You have to enter the URL of the application to connect with JIRA.

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