7 Apr 2015

SSL v3 (POODLE) Vulnerability: Nginx

This vulnerability allows the plaintext of secure connections to be calculated by a network attacker. You may need to disable SSL v3 Protocol from Nginx WebServer. This vulnerability does not affect SSL Certificates. There is no need
7 Apr 2015

Install SSL on Zimbra Mail

This tutorial helps you setup SSL on Zimbra Mail. Step 1 Install SSL Packages using following command: # yum install mod_ssl openssl Step 2 First we generate csr and key file using below command: # openssl req
5 Apr 2015

How to Install Tripwire on CentOS

Tripwire is a host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS). It works by collecting details about your computer’s file-system and configuration. This software can keep track of many different file system data points in order to detect changes. Tripwire
3 Apr 2015

List all triggers and views

Here is simple query to find list of triggers on chosen database Example:  SHOW TRIGGERS; If you want like to find list of views for particular database, then here you can go with. Syntax: SHOW FULL TABLES IN
1 Apr 2015

List tables which has fulltext index

If you have to get list of tables for specific database which table has FULLTEXT index use following command: # SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM information_Schema.STATISTICS WHERE table_schema = 'DATABASE_NAME' AND index_type = 'FULLTEXT' ORDER BY index_name; Example: SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM information_Schema.STATISTICS
19 Mar 2015

Convert any video using FFMPEG

Always we need something which simplify our task/job. Here I have attached code which can convert video using ffmpeg. # ffmpeg -i /path/to/inputfilename /path/to/outputfilename Example: ffmpeg -i /usr/local/public_html/abc.flv  /usr/local/public_html/abc.mp4 It will convert abc.flv file to abc.mp4 without any