Top 6 open source CRM tools for 2016

CRM Introduction

CRM is short for customer relationship management. A CRM system could be a business tool that permits you to manage all of your customers, partners and prospects info all in one place. The Sales Cloud (’s CRM system) could be a secure cloud primarily based CRM system which will facilitate each a part of your business get a 360 degree view of your customer.

It helps:

  • Sales teams close deals faster
  • Marketing manage campaigns and track lead generation
  • Service call centres reduce the time to resolve customer complaints
  • Choosing the correct open source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) package for a corporation will be a time overwhelming method. It needs an excellent deal of technical analysis, developer resources also as collaboration / time with leadership and department heads to create certain all the moving components of the business ar being addressed .

    Developing and maintaining relationships with customers may be a challenge. however it’s a vital task for businesses’ growth and survival. so as to take care of those relationships, a CRM system may be a must-have. And CRM systems square measure one space within which open supply shines bright.

    When we initial took a glance at the highest open source CRM systems back in 2014, there have been several promising choices. Now, let’s take a fast check out six of the highest open source CRM systems of nowadays. whereas this is often by no means that a definitive list, every CRM system lined during this article has been elite supported its rich or unique feature set.


    An open source web application that permits you to check, enter and valuate all of your company relationships notwithstanding the type. People, companies, projects or opportunities — bushed a simple and intuitive interface.

    EspoCRM packs all the options its target market, small- and medium-sized businesses, need. Those options embrace the flexibility to automatize leads, opportunities, and contacts; produce individual and mass mailings; schedule conferences, calls, and tasks; and to trace changes to client records. EspoCRM wraps all of that in an exceedingly clean, trendy interface. Use this article for demo of EspoCRM.


  • Consultations on using EspoCRM.
  • Integration of other CRM systems to EspoCRM.
  • Specific EspoCRM design solely for the business needs.
  • Development of CRM systems for businesses.
  • Development of web-services.
  • Development of technical tasking.
  • Migration of data from any CRM system to EspoCRM.
  • System integration.
  • Training users and administrators (either long distance or locally).
  • Technical assistance for users and administrators.
  • SuiteCRM

    SuiteCRM is made on the Community Edition of SugarCRM, however it’s not just a clone. It adds a range of helpful and powerful options to the system. Those options embrace the power to get invoices and quotes, maintain leads and contracts, produce reports, and maintain notes and documents. you’ll additionally originated SuiteCRM to permit customers to log and track their own problems. Use this article for demo of SuiteCRM.


  • Advanced OpenSales – Quotations, Contracts, Products, Invoices, PDF Templates
  • Advanced OpenWorkflow – Powerful Workflow module
  • Advanced OpenReporter – Reporting module for lists & PDF’s
  • Advanced OpenPortal – Portal for Case management
  • Advanced OpenEvents – Manage all your events in SuiteCRM
  • Google Maps – JJW Maps
  • SecuritySuite – Teams functionality and granular security model
  • Advanced OpenTheme – Exclusive SuiteCRM theme
  • Oro CRM

    Oro is a customer relationship management software fully targeted at e-Commerce. OroCRM is an easy-to-use, open source CRM with built-in marketing tools for your ecommerce business. It’s the CRM both marketing and sales can agree on! OroCRM was created with marketers in mind. It’s marketing automation tools for commerce companies make it easy to track and segment customers across multiple channels. Use this article for demo of Oro CRM.


  • Advanced Search
  • REST and SOAP APIs
  • Users, Groups and Role Management with ACL
  • Flexible Entities with Dynamic Attributes
  • Data Audit and Grid
  • Auto-save
  • OroCRM integrates with any tool you use. If you use it, we can connect with it.
  • Cross-channel data capture from all points of interaction
  • Complete B2B CRM for client relationship management
  • CiviCRM

    CiviCRM is a CRM system that provides non-profits a complete, open source platform for constituent / donor management, but it is used and customized to provide CRM functionality for organizations in a wide range of industries. Use this article for demo of CiviCRM.


  • Configurable & Customizable
  • Accounting Integration
  • Contacts
  • Memberships
  • Case Management
  • Events
  • Email Marketing
  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • Contributions
  • Peer-to-peer fundraisers
  • Reports
  • Fat Free CRM

    Fat Free CRM is a minimal but functional system. Its developers state that “out of the box it features group collaboration, campaign and lead management, contact lists, and opportunity tracking.” It’s not going to compete with SugarCRM or Vtiger, but it’s probably more than enough for smaller businesses and other organizations. Fat Free CRM is among the best CRM systems for small and medium-sized companies. It can be installed with complete features at no cost. It allows users to manage leads, accounts, contracts, quotes and sales pipelines. Use this article for demo of Fat Free CRM.


  • Campaign Dashboard
  • Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Mailing List Management
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Contact Management
  • Customer Database
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Tracking
  • Quote Management
  • Chat
  • Document Management
  • Employee Directory
  • Mail Merge
  • Bug Tracking
  • Customer Self Service Portal
  • Zurmo

    Zurmo is an Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that is mobile, social, and gamified. We use a test-driven methodology for building every part of the application. This means you can create and maintain a custom-built CRM system or platform with the assurance that future updates are not going to break your installation. Use this article for demo of Zurmo.


  • Full view of Contact details
  • Quickly find info with Global Search
  • Meetings, Tasks, Notes, and Attachments all in one place
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Create and Manage Opportunities
  • Track Sales Pipeline
  • Report on virtually any set of records
  • Drag and Drop Filters
  • Customize, save, share Reports
  • Create custom Workflows with drag and drop wizard
  • Trigger email alerts or actions
  • Keeping track of events as they occur
  • Create Product Catalogs
  • Integrate Products with Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts
  • Manage Product Items and quantities
  • Custom fields, layouts and labels
  • Real Time Currency Conversion
  • Extensive documentation and Community Support
  • Runs on Windows or Linux
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