Install SCREEN CONNECT on Linux

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ScreenConnect is a self-hosted remote desktop software application and remote meeting capabilities. This tutorial helps you to install Screen Connect on Linux.
First we need to download the screen connect using following link


  • You have to provide email-Id for downloading trial version , than you will redirect to screen as shown in above screenshot.
  • 1

  • Copy that text which is shown in text box or you can take it from your Email (This text is sent on your email id which you have provided.)
  • 2

  • Choose on which os you want to install. HERE we are going to install for LINUX OS.
  • It will download latest version of software in .tar.gz format.
  • After completion of download file  copy that file to appropriate location where you want to extract.
  • Than extract that file and install screen connect using following command.
    # tar -zxvf ScreenConnect_4.2.6403.5198_Release.tar.gz
    # cd ScreenConnect_4.2.6403.5198_Install
    # ./
  • After completing installation it will give a link.
    Localhoat:8040 or computername:8040 for setup server .: (set up wizard is same as windows wizard that’s why I have attach this screen shots )


  • Provide Administrator Password than click next.


  • Set Up finish, We can access it with the password which we have set.


  • After Login You can find Next Interface as follows.


  • Now to invite connections you need to Click on Support + icon , Than you will get Screen as follows.


  • After clicking on create session you are redirecting to following screen.


  • Click on Invite and you will get following screen.

  • Copy that url which you can see in the text box and provide that url to the user with whom you want to get connect.USER SIDE :
  • When user access this url in address bar it will show as below.


  • Click on Join Session.

  • Save this file. It is a java file . After running that file you can redirect to following screen.

  • Now need to Accept join request from user side to access user’s machine.

    When you click on Join Seeion it will download an .exe file , run that .exe file to take remote access of user.

    Thank You.

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