How to Delete a User on Ubuntu System

Ubuntu is a Linux operating system based on the Debian distribution. As with all other operating systems, maintaining user accounts is a routine task for Ubuntu system administrators. The essential steps for removing a user in Ubuntu include deleting the account and all of the files of user.
Remove User Ubuntu System

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  • This tutorial will help you how to delete user on an Ubuntu system.

    Step #1: Delete New User on Ubuntu System

    You find that you no more need to have a particular user on the ubuntu system you can delete them with a single command.

    # userdel user_name

    If you want to remove all of the files for the user, then use -r switch:

    userdel -r user_name

    Step #2: Remove Root Privileges to the User

    If you have configured sudo privileges for the user you deleted, you may want to remove the relevant line using following steps:

    # sudo nano /etc/sudoers
    # sudo visudo

    Find the following lines:

    # User privilege specification
    root    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL
    user_name    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

    Remove the username entry to remove root privileges for the corresponding user:

    user_name    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

    Enjoy it!

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