Use of ipconfig command in Windows

  • ipconfig (internet protocol configuration)-
    ipconfig in Microsoft Windows is a reassure application that shows all current TCP/IP network configuration values and can change Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP and Domain Name System DNS settings.


    You can discover your IP address from the Control Panel, yet this takes truly a couple of snaps. The ipconfig order is a quick method for deciding your PC’s IP address.


  • ipconfig /flushdns – Flush Your DNS Resolver Cache
    In the event that you change your DNS server, the impacts won’t essentially occur instantly. Windows utilizes a reserve that recollects DNS reactions its gotten, sparing time when you get to the same addresses again later on.

    To guarantee Windows is getting locations from the new DNS servers as opposed to utilizing old, reserved entrances, run the ipconfig/flushdns summon in the wake of changing your DNS server.


  • ipconfig/displaydns –
    The ipconfig/displaydns charge furnishes you with an intends to view the substance of the DNS customer resolver store, which incorporates sections preloaded from the nearby Hosts record, and in addition any as of late got asset records for name inquiries determined by the framework. This data is utilized by the DNS Client administration to rapidly resolve habitually questioned names before it questions its arranged DNS servers.

    At the point when the ipconfig/displaydns order is utilized to show current resolver cache substance, the resultant yield for the most part incorporates the neighborhood host and loopback IP address ( mappings. This is on account of these mappings normally exist in the default (unmodified) substance of the neighborhood Hosts document.


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