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1) What is the final value of the variable bar in the following code?
var foo = 9;
bar = 5;
(function() {
var foo = 2;
bar= 1;
bar = bar + foo;

(Answer) bar = 10

2) What is the meaning of obfuscation in JavaScript?

(Answer) Making code unreadable using advanced algorithms.

3) Which of the following is not a valid HTML event?

(Answer) onblink	 

4) What value would JavaScript assign to an uninitialized variable?

(Answer) undefined

5) What will be output of the following code?
function testGenerator() {
yield “first”;

yield “second”;

yield “third”;
var g = testGenerator();

(Answer) firststep1second

6) What will be the final value of the variable “apt”?
var apt=2;

(Answer) 8

7) What would be the use of the following code?
function validate(field) {
var valid=”ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”;
var ok=”yes”;
var temp;

for(var i=0;i (Answer) It will force a user to enter only English alphabet character values. 8) What would be the value of ‘ind’ after execution of the following code? var msg=”Welcome to ExpertRating” var ind= msg.substr(3, 3)

(Answer) com

9) When setting cookies with JavaScript, what will happen to the cookies.txt data if the file exceeds the maximum size?

(Answer) The file is truncated to the maximum length.

10) Which event can be used to validate the value in a field as soon as the user moves out of the field by pressing the tab key?

(Answer) onblur

11) Which object can be used to ascertain the protocol of the current URL?

(Answer) location

12) Which of the following are correct values of variableC, and why?

variableA = [6,8];
variableB =[7,9];
variableC = variableA + variableB;

(Answer) 6, 87 and 9. The + operator is not defined for arrays, and it concatenates strings, so it converts the arrays to strings.

13) Which of the following choices will turn a string into a JavaScript function call (case with objects) of the following code snippet?

window.foo = {
bar: {
baz: function() {

(Answer) window['foo']['bar']['baz']();

14) Which of the following are JavaScript unit testing tools?

(Answer) Buster.js, YUI Yeti, Jasmine

15) Which of the following are not global methods and properties in E4X?

(Answer) setName() and setNamespace()

16) Which of the following Array methods in JavaScript runs a function on every item in the Array and collects the result from previous calls, but in reverse?

(Answer) reduceRight()

17) Which of the following best describes a “for” loop?

(Answer) "for" loop consists of three optional expressions, enclosed in parentheses and separated by semicolons, followed by a statement executed in the loop.

18) Which of the following built-in functions is used to access form elements using their IDs?

(Answer) getElementById(id)

19) Which of the following can be used for disabling the right click event in Internet Explorer?

(Answer) event.button == 2

20) Which of the following can be used to escape the ‘ character?

(Answer) \

21) Which of the following can be used to invoke an iframe from a parent page?

(Answer) windows.frames

22) Which of the following choices will change the source of the image to “image2.gif” when a user clicks on the image?

(Answer) img id="imageID" src="image1.gif" width="50" height="60" onmousedown="changeimg(image1.gif)" onmouseup="changeimg(image2.gif)"

23) Which of the following choices will detect if “variableName” declares a function?

var variableName= function(){};

(Answer) typeof variableName;

24) What is the purpose of while(1) in the following JSON response?

while(1);[['u',[['smsSentFlag','false'],['hideInvitations','false'],['remindOnRespondedEventsOnly','true'],['hideInvitations_remindOnRespondedEventsOnly','false_true'],['Calendar ID stripped for privacy','false'],['smsVerifiedFlag','true']]]]

(Answer) It makes it difficult for a third-party to insert the JSON response into an HTML document with a tag.
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