How To Monitor Your Linux Server Using NRPE Agent

Nagios XI is Network Monitoring tools which frequently check all of your network resources and send’ s email alerts before it’ s downtime and much more. Nagios XI provides organizations with many benefits:

  • Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Advanced Graphs & Visualizations
  • Advanced Infrastructure Management Capabilities
  • Monitoring Wizard
  • Easily and Advanced User Management

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NRPE Agent

Step 1: Download and Extract NRPE Agent

Download the NRPE agent on the Linux server you want to monitor. Use mention command to download the agent.

# cd /opt
# wget

Extract the archive file.

# tar -zxvf linux-nrpe-agent.tar.gz

Step 2: Install NRPE Agent

After extracting the NRPE agent file, you need to execute the wrapper script using the root user.

# cd /opt/linux-nrpe-agent
# ./fullinstall
Install 1

This will automatically take care of a number of things for you, including:
• Modifying the distro’s package manager repositories
• Installing prerequisite packages
• Creating required users and groups
• Defining services for xinetd
• Compiling and installing the agent and plugins
• Configuring the firewall
• Configuring the agent

Install 2
Install 3

The script will stop and will ask for the IP address(es) for your monitoring servers.

 Install 4

Step 3: Configure Linux Server to Monitor

You have successfully installed and configured the monitoring agent on Linux Server. You need to run the Linux server configuration wizard using Nagios XI web interface.

# http://IP-Address/nagiosxi 

Now click on Configure and choose Configuration Wizard.

Install 5

Now you need to choose a Linux Server wizard.

Install 6

Now provide the Linux Server information which you want to monitor using Nagios XI.

Install 7

Provide the Linux server details and select the services which you want to monitor.

Install 8
Install 9
Install 10

Define the basic parameters that determine how the host and services should be monitored.

Install 11

Define basic parameters that determine how the notification should be sent for the host and services.

Install 12

Select host and service group If created any.

Install 13

Click “Apply” to finish the configuration.

Install 14

Now, Server has been configured successfully.

Install 15

Step 4: Start NRPE Agent

You can start NRPE Agent using mention command.

For CentOS/RHEL 7
# systemctl start xinetd
# systemctl enable xinetd
For CentOS/RHEL 6
# service xinetd start
# chkconfig xinetd on

Step 5: Verify Configuration

Now you can verify the configuration by checking host and group status.

Host Status:

Install 16

Service Status:

Install 17

After a period of time, you can need to see a graph like this which is the Current-Load.

Install 18

Enjoy it!

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