30 Jun 2017

How to Install MongoDB 3.4 on Ubuntu 16.04/14.04

MongoDB is a NoSQL database that offers a high performance, high availability, and automatic scaling enterprise database. NoSQL refers to a database with a data model other than the tabular format used in relational databases such as
29 Jun 2017

Linux Firewall – Basic Guide of IPTables

iptables (Linux Firewall) is a command-line firewall utility that uses policy chains to allow or block traffic. iptables is a rule based firewall and it is pre-installed on most of Linux operating system. By default it runs
1 Mar 2017

How To Create SSH Keys on a Linux

SSH (Secure Shell) is an encrypted protocol used to administer and communicate with servers. SSH keys provide a more secure way of logging into a linux server. While a password stands the risk of being finally cracked,
27 Feb 2017

How to Upgrade PHP 5.6 to 7.1 on Ubuntu

You have two completely separate versions of PHP installed on your system. The config files for PHP 5.6 is /etc/php/5.6 and for PHP 7.1 is /etc/php/7.0 respectively. Some of the reasons you need to use PHP 7.1
25 Feb 2017

How To Create New Partition in Linux

Creating new partition in linux a very normal practice. In this article we will be going to explain simple steps to create a new partition in linux, format it and mount it at your required mount point.
24 Feb 2017

Linux Kernel 4.10 Released

Kernel 4.10 has the honor of being christened the “Anniversary Edition” by Linus Torvalds. Linux kernel 4.10’s release is just around the corner. This release comes loaded with many new features and better hardware support for Nouveau
23 Feb 2017

How to Install Python 3.6.0 on Ubuntu using PPA

Python 3.6.0 is the latest stable version at time of writing of tutorial. This Python version is maintaining by jonathonf team. This article will help you to install Python 3.6.0 on Ubuntu operating system using PPA. To
22 Feb 2017

How to Install Python 3.6.0 on Ubuntu

Python is an open source, portable, free, customization, effective and modern programming language that offers a wide range of attractive functionality and allows application developers to create software projects that are fully compatible with all mainstream operating
21 Feb 2017

How to Install JAVA 8 (JDK 8u121) on Ubuntu via PPA

Java and the JVM (Java’s virtual machine) are widely used and required for many kinds of software. Webupd8 Team is maintaining a PPA repository with installer scripts for the latest Java 8. The installer provides Oracle Java
20 Feb 2017

How to Recursively Download Files from FTP

There are times, when sharing files using email as attachment is not possible, and then one of the best ways is to put those files in a FTP server. You can download those file using wget command