27 Jul 2015

How to install xCache on CentOS/RHEL 5/6/7

XCache is a quick, stable PHP opcode cacher. This generally new opcode caching software has been produced by mOo. XCache optimizes performance caching the compiled state of PHP scripts into the RAM and uses the compiled version
24 Jul 2015

Send email using PHP Script with Gmail SMTP Authentication

All the programming languages provides functions for sending emails. PHP also provides mail() function to send emails. You can use the PHP mail() function to send an email with PHP. The simplest way to do this is
23 Jul 2015

Location of cPanel Log Files

cPanel logs most activity that happens on a server to log files so you can go back and audit log entries for issues, rather than must be on the server at the season of them happening. In
22 Jul 2015

How to Secure phpMyAdmin with .htaccess

While many users require the usefulness of a database administration system like MySQL, they may not feel great communicating with the system exclusively from the MySQL prompt. phpMyAdmin was made so user can cooperate with MySQL through
20 Jul 2015

AWS Interview Questions

This page contains the collection of AWS Interview Questions and Answers / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) under category AWS. These questions are collected from various resources like informative websites, forums, blogs, discussion boards including Wikipedia. These listed
19 Jul 2015

MySQL Interview Questions

Last few days I have been working to compile a question and answer set for MySQL interview questions. These questions and answers are compiled from different online resources. 1) What is the difference between Primary Key and
17 Jul 2015

Apache Interview Questions

In this section, I have chosen Basic and Important Apache interview questions and answers for all levels of candidates(Fresher level, experienced level).Last couple of months I have been attempting to choose best question and answer set for
16 Jul 2015

How to install Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1 on Ubuntu & Debian

Apache OpenOffice is basically made for linux OS and is Flexible and efficient.It can be install on linux and windows platform. It is a good substitute of Libreoffice in linux. It is a open source application. so
15 Jul 2015

Launch an Amazon EC2 Instance

You can use Amazon EC2 to launch as many or as couple of virtual servers as you need, design security and networking, and manage storage. Amazon EC2 empowers you to scale up or down to handle changes
14 Jul 2015

How to Install Nagios 4.1.1 on Ubuntu

Nagios is an open source, effective monitoring system. It empowers associations to recognize and resolve IT foundation issues before they affect critical business processes. Nagios has ability of monitoring application, services, entire IT infrastructure. Nagios will be