Windows Batch Script to Take Backup of Server Event Log

One of the most common, and well suited, applications for a command line script is to take backup of event log. Event log is necessary for troubleshooting systems. Command line scripts can be automated to run at any time without any human interaction.
Batch Script

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  • This tutorial will help you to take a backup of event log.

    Simple Batch Script:

    Create Backup Directory:

    First we need to create backup directory. In which we contain event log backups and log files.

    C:\> MKDIR c:\Backup
    C:\> MKDIR c:\BackupLogs
    Backup Location: c:\Backup
    LogFile: c:\BackupLogs


    Create Backup Script:

    Copy and paste below script in file:

    rem Script start here
    rem Timestamp Generator
    set BACKUP_PATH=c:\Backup\
    rem Parse the date (e.g., Tus 17/05/2016)
    set cur_yyyy=%date:~10,4%
    set cur_mm=%date:~4,2%
    set cur_dd=%date:~7,2%
    rem Parse the time (e.g., 11:20:56.39)
    set cur_hh=%time:~0,2%
    if %cur_hh% lss 10 (set cur_hh=0%time:~1,1%)
    set cur_nn=%time:~3,2%
    set cur_ss=%time:~6,2%
    set cur_ms=%time:~9,2%
    rem Set the timestamp format
    set timestamp=%cur_yyyy%%cur_mm%%cur_dd%-%cur_hh%%cur_nn%%cur_ss%%cur_ms%
    wevtutil epl System %BACKUP_PATH%\system_%timestamp%.evtx
    wevtutil epl Application %BACKUP_PATH%\application_%timestamp%.evtx
    wevtutil epl Security %BACKUP_PATH%\security_%timestamp%.evtx
    rem End of Script

    Execute Batch Script:

    To run the batch file, double-click on it. Once the batch file has completed running it closes automatically.

    Enjoy it!

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