Install MongoDB 3.2 on Windows

MongoDB stores JSON documents in Binary format termed as BSON (Binary JSON). Some of the features of MongoDB are:

  • Full indexing support for faster query processing.
  • Master-Slave replication for making our system fault tolerant.
  • Rich Document based query to get the stored data.
  • Auto Sharding to achieve horizontal scaling.
  • Install MongoDB
    MongoDB is also very popular NoSQL database because we have drivers for all the major programming languages such as Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Scala, C, C++ etc.

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  • In this tutorial, we will show you how to install MongoDB on Windows.

    Step #1 Download MongoDB

    Download MongoDB from official MongoDB website. You can also use following command to download MongoDB according to your system.

    For Windows 64 bit
    # wget
    For Windows 32 bit
    # wget

    Note: 32-bit builds are limited to around 2GB of data. In general you should use the 64 bit builds. See here for more information.

    Step #2 Install MongoDB

    After download Mongodb run the msi executable file. By default Mongodb install in C:\Program FilesD:\mongodb

    In MongoDB, it contains only 10+ executable files (exe) in the bin folder.

    Step #3 Create Configuration File

    Create a MongoDB config file, it’s just a text file, for example : d:\mongodb\mongo.config

    ##store data here
    ##all output go here
    ##log read and write operations

    Note: MongoDB need a data folder to store its data and log folder to create log files. So create this folder manually. MongoDB won’t create it for you

    Step #4 Run MongoDB server

    Use below command in windows command prompt to start MongoDB server.

    d:\mongodb\bin>mongod --config D:\mongodb\mongo.config
    all output going to: D:\mongodb\log\mongo.log

    Step #5 Connect to MongoDB

    Uses mongo.exe to connect to the started MongoDB server.

    MongoDB shell version: 3.2.4
    connecting to: test
    > //mongodb shell

    Step #6 MongoDB as Windows Service

    Add MongoDB as Windows Service, so that MongoDB will start automatically following each system restart.

    d:\mongodb\bin> mongod --config D:\mongodb\mongo.config --install
    A Windows service named “MongoDB” is created.

    To start MongoDB Service

    # net start MongoDB

    To stop MongoDB Service

    net stop MongoDB

    To remove MongoDB Service

    d:\mongodb\bin>mongod --remove


  • Install MongoDB on Windows
  • MongoDB configuration options
  • Enjoy it!

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