How to Take Azure Virtual Machine Snapshots For Disks

An Azure Snapshot takes a read-only copy of the virtual machine’s existing disk in the Azure portal. We can create a snapshot of the OS or Data disk. In other words, we can say a VM snapshot is the copy of the OS or data disk file of the Virtual machine. With the help of snapshot, you can create a new Virtual Machine. Before creating the snapshot, it is better to shut down the VM. The VM snapshots are very helpful in restoring our virtual machine from a disaster. We can create a full or an incremental snapshot.

Full Snapshot:
It makes a complete read-only copy of the selected disk.
Incremental Snapshot:
It makes a partial copy of the selected disk. It takes a snapshot based on the difference between the last snapshot. It will not make the complete copy of the existing disk every time.

In this article, we will explain how to take Azure Virtual Machine snapshots for disks.

Useful Articles:

We have one Virtual machine and the webserver has been already installed on it. We will take a snapshot of this running VM.

To verify the webserver we have created the index.html file.

Now, select Disks under the settings, and then select OS disk of the VM.

Click the “+ Create snapshot” section in the Overview section to take the snapshot.

In the Create snapshot page, enter the required information like snapshot name, snapshot type etc.

Once the validation passed, click on create to take the snapshot.

Once the deployment is completed we can verify the status by clicking on Go to resource.

Verify the status of the snapshot.

After successfully creating the snapshot, we have to make the managed disk, so click + Create.

Enter all the required information to create the managed disk.

The managed disk has been created successfully.

Once the deployment is completed we can create the VM by clicking on + Create VM

Enter the new VM name and other required information.

We have successfully deployed the new Virtual machine using our Snapshot.

We have to add port 80 and port 22 to the Network security group.

We have successfully deployed the copy of the source VM using the snapshot.

Enjoy it!

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