How to Install Nagios Log Server on Linux Server

Log Server is a powerful centralized log monitoring and management application that allows you to quickly and easily view, sort, and configure logs from any source. Log Server is designed to analyze, collect, and store log on the custom location and provide users with extended insight into the data on their network’s infrastructure.


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Step 1: Download and Extract the Nagios Log Server

You can download Nagios Log Server using the official website. Also, you can use mention command to download the package.

# cd /opt
# wget

Extract the archive file.

# tar xzf nagioslogserver-latest.tar.gz

Step 2: Install Nagios Log Server

Now, first, we configure Nagios Log Server and to do as such we have to go to Nagios directory and run configure file.

# cd /opt/nagioslogserver
# ./fullinstall

Note: Also you can use a single command to download and compile the latest version of Nagios Log Server

# curl | sh
Server Install 1

Once the installation has completed you should see a message like the following:

Nagios Log Server Installation Success! 

You can finish the final setup steps for Nagios Log Server by visiting:
Server Install 2

Step 3: Finalize Installation

You will be presented with the Final Installation Steps. Select Install if this is the first server in your Nagios LogServer cluster.

Server Install 3

Now enter the admin account setting. The default username is nagiosadmin which you can change if you want. Once you are ready click Finish Installation to save these settings.

Server Install 4

Step 3: Access Nagios Log Server

Now you will be presented with the Login screen with the status of Installation Complete. Now enter the username and password to login to Nagios Log Server.

Server Install 5

You will be logged into Nagios Log Server and be placed at the home screen.

Server Install 6

Enjoy it!

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